Plitical City Icon - 432 Village | 人民的地标 - 432屯儿

Dihua Yan,Yannan Chen, Haotian Xu
“城市地标”通常与“城市人造奇观”划等号。建筑师用光鲜的形式语言传达地标建筑的重要性,构建起地标与市民之间“看”与“被看”的互动关系。令人失望的是,这层关系极为脆弱与含糊: 地标虽然占据城市中最为显赫的地理位置,将自己的形象成千上万次传递到成千上万个大脑中,却极少被“观看者”转译成明确的信息或者知识。地标之所以存在的复杂动机与背后逻辑被建筑师瞬间简化成一张刺激眼球的扁平图像,苍白无力地向市民索取欢呼与掌声。

XON Studio希望改变这种“虽见无所得”的糟糕状态,重新定义属于人民的地标。这种新型地标并不以形式的美学特征为出发点,而是尝试构建一个具有教育意义的、可被参与的生活方式。换言之,形式操纵成为信息结构的整合与再现的手段,建筑师以一个更加真诚的态度与市民分享心中的美好愿景。

"432屯儿" 提出了一种存在于城市垂直空间中的环保居住模式:人们以小部落的方式集体生活,和邻居,社区以及更大范围的“生物区”发生紧密的关联;城市被重新定义为“第二自然”,村民共同经营维护“第二自然”中的资源。

  "432屯儿" 的原始参照是一个在北卡丛林中的60人自治的生态村earthaven,通过对当地村民信息交互、资源管理以及群体决策等方面的调查研究,重新反思全球化背景下的奢华公寓式居住体验的得与失。并以Rafeal Vinoly 在纽约曼哈顿设计的豪华公寓432 PARK AVE为设计对象探讨新的居住可能性。

Apartments have become the ultimate architecture of globalised urbanism. If there is one single architectural device that shapes the contemporary bodies, consumptions, displacements and reproductions of the global networks of power it is the apartment. In cities as New York, London or Seoul apartments are leading the evolution of urban fabrics in the same way that infrastructures, public space or corporative buildings did in the past.

Located on Park Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets, 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential tower in the western hemispherea. Designed by Rafael Viñoly around what is described as "the purest geometric form: the square," the tower is actually a result of multiple forces from zoning codes, structural engineering, real estate, public media, latent buyers and so on.

The aim of the project is to explore the potential for 432 Park Avenue to become the vehicle to bring diversity, inclusivity and complexity to globalized urbanisms. And the alternative vision of global domesticity we chose is Earthaven Ecovilla in Black Mountain, NC. The concept pursued by ecovillagers of earthaven - COLLECTIVE LIVING - is a totally opposite understanding of domesticity compared to what happens in 432 tower. It requires residents live locally and build a strong connection with - Neighbourhood, Community and Bio-region.

With these ideas in mind, we shifted the spatial structure and reinterpreted the scales of 432, transforming it from an icon of luxury to a manifesto of human ecology upon the context of globalised urbanism.