Build Your GUME | GUME 罟坶小怪兽养成记

Dihua Yan, Wen Zhou, Yihan Wang, Linghuizi Mo
Gume is a new type of architectural structure, which has more in common with a living creature than a building. Whereas most buildings seem to be dead, static structures, Gume is alive! Like a skeleton its joints are flexible, which means that Gume is never perfectly stable. In fact, Gume will wiggle and wobble as users interact with it. Its skin will crawl, bones will rattle, and hair will stand on end. Gume makes its monstrous come on the stage in any condition!
The innovation of the structure lies on the joint, while the innovation of the joints lies on the material. We did a series test on rubber, silicon, wood and paper tubes and continuously improve the design of flexible joints. According to the test, rubber is not very stick to the wood, so the torsional strength is weak. Silicon is softer than rubber and performs well with wood and paper tubes. Paper tubes are much lighter than wood sticks. It will significantly reduce the subsidence of the whole structure. Further more, because it is hollow, we can hide the interaction electronic device inside. However, the contact surface of hollow paper tube is not enough to make strong connection with the silicon. Therefore, we designed a component - a dowel - to firmly grasp the tube and silicon.
Gume structure is a parametric system using prefabricated standard joints. There are 3 structural members in the system. The main cover sheet of the canopy is pre-assembled by standard joints linking the tubes in different lengths together. The foundation of the structure is fixed aluminum pipe bent in fixed angles. To make the canopy stand, the bracing members are added on in the construction on site.